Why Oh Why?

except no substitute

Why, you may ask, would a 29 year old girl who adores nice food and is prepared to pay £2.09 for an organic avocado, decide to spend of her month of her life shopping only in a pound shop? Simple. A bet. For the princely sum of a pound.

 And I can’t resist a challenge (winning the money is pretty appealing too).

So a month of poor diet resulting in bad skin, lack of energy and general frustration here I come…

 *malk = Imitation milk from the Simpsons. Contains vitamin R and is served to the kids at the Springfield Elementary. I expect to be brushing my teeth with Colgit and drinking Appley Juice in my pound shop month.

5 Responses

  1. Wasn’t vitiamin r because it was actually rat milk? ew…

  2. According to Heather Mills-McCartney, rats milk is not such a strange thing after all haha!


  3. Brilliant bet… Rather you than me I have to say! Think my local pound shop only sells crisps and sweets 🙂


    Rock on with yourself!!

    May in the Bay

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