The Rules


  •  Purchases are to be made in official pound shops. Slightly-over-a-pound shops are not acceptable

  • All food to be bought from pound shop. No take-aways, no shopping in Waitrose or other similarly fancy supermarkets, no shopping in Iceland or similarly crappy supermarkets, no stealing green vegtables from brother’s fridge.

  • Washing products both for myself and my house to be bought for a pound.

  • I can go to the pub and have alcoholic drinks bought for me and can buy drinks for other people but cannot buy them for myself. Sucks.

I emailed friends for rule suggestions too. Here are some of their responses:

Friend One:

– Various items of £1 in cost can be put together to make a meal, but no one ingredient can be present in said meal in greater than £1’s worth of quantity.
– You’re not allowed to save up individual pounds to get anything costing more than £1 alone.
– Stealing fruit and veg to ensure you don’t get scurvey is okay.
– You’re not allowed to sell your body for food, booze or fags!
– Nothing is exchangeable: you get to spend a quid on each individual item you’re going to live off, meaning you’re not allowed to (for example) trade your computer for food with any friends/aquaintances/random-white-haired-oddballs-off-the-street etc.
– You are allowed to get drunk if people give you drinks in bars etc. should they give them to you without having to be asked.
– You are doing this all for a quid………. You’re a loon.

Friend Two:

All food, tobacco (heheheh), drink, toiletries and household goods MUST be bought from the pound shop(s).

You can only eat out once per week
You can go to the pub and have alcoholic drinks bought for you, but you cannot buy any

Presents including rounds of drinks may be bought outside of the pound shop.

Where the rules are broken, you must give 5 times the purchase price to a chosen charity.

Friend Three:


 Of course I read these emails with great interest and then mostly ignored them.

One Response

  1. WHAT? Have you gone absolutely crazy? I always knew you were a bit loopy, but living off pound shops in Highbury! lol Better make sure that I do the shopping when I come down next then… is that ok? within the rules? I’ve RSS’d your feed to keep up with the crazyness.

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