Day 15 – Don’t drink the neon fluid


When I think about about my top ten of places around the world I’d like to visit, most are cities famous for their neon lights from Tokyo to Las Vegas. Maybe its the city girl in me but there’s something irresistible about bright colourful lights. So when the opportunity came up to have my own little light show on my wrist I grabbed it. The pound shop had special offers on glow stick bracelets left over from Halloween. I was going to see Arcade Fire in concert that weekend so thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear them.

To activate the glow stick you have to snap it. On the bus to the gig I tried to snap my sticks but it didn’t seem to work so I decided to bite it. Ewurggheewwwwwwwww. In my excited haste I managed to bite through the plastic and my mouth was filled with vile neon fluid. My friend asked me if something was wrong since I was chocking and making gurgling noises. I tried to spit but nothing happened. It was as if some small gremlin had crawled into my mouth and sucked out all the saliva and then sprayed his acid-like pee around my mouth. It stung and I thought maybe the pound shop had killed me after all. It even tasted worse than the other supposed food product I had bought from the pound shop: Fray Bentos pies. Then my body’s defences kicked in and before I knew it I had thrown up by the side of my seat.

Isn’t it great how your body knows its in trouble and does its best to save you even though its owner is stupid enough to bite into a glow stick?


3 Responses

  1. Your hair will start to fall out soon, I have seen it on the telly.

  2. drinking the fluid is very bad for you =O. im actually someone who uses glowsticks all the time haha. i go to raves a lot ^_^. i learned how to use them on the internet actually, using this glowsticking tutorial i found, pretty useful stuff =D.

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