Day 3 – Acorn Eating Pigs



A confession. I cracked and cracked big time. I knew it was bound to happen at some point during this month but I didn’t think it would happen by the third day. I think the pineapply-ness of day 2 coupled with the mandarin incident on Day 1 and the realisation that this would be the closest I got to fruit was just too depressing.

 So on Day 3 I went to Brighton to visit a friend and ate and ate and ate. In the morning we went to a great restaurant The Real Eating Company and were seated in the deli section surrounded by legs of Pata Naga Ham and smelly cheese. The Pata Naga is produced from a Iberian pig who spend their final days feasting on acorns. You could buy black squid ink (used for colouring dishes like paella) and a fine sherry vinegar from Spain. There was artisan chocolate sprinkled with salt and caramel flakes. Basically this place was the antithesis of a pound shop. I had a big english breakfast with the works, a banana and berry smoothie and chai tea. With each bite and slurp I was heading further away from the world of tinned processed meats and back to food reality.

For lunch I headed down to the seafront for cockles and mussels (alive alive-o). Oh jump into my mouth you lovely briney sea creatures! I thought we’d seen the last of the warm weather but it was a beautiful sunny day in Brighton. So I had a glass of white wine naturally.

It was a friends birthday that evening so i headed to the ‘burbs (Surbiton) for curry. Lamb Passanda in all its sweet glory with Peshwari nan.

 When I got home I had a rum and coke.

 Only then, fully sated, did I begin to feel guilty.

So I confess I failed miserably. But the bet is not over! With the permission of the maestro of the bet (my brother) I will start the month again. That’s right, it’s back to Day 1 for me. The bet will now finish on the 3rd of December rather than the end of Novemeber. Oh joy of joys!

 Repeat every day: I will enjoy the pinapple juice, I will savour the dehydrated vegetables, I will not stare greedily through the windows of waitrose……….

Total £s spent: Lots but none in a pound shop


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