DAY 1 – Mandarins


Today is the first day of what looks like being a pretty tough month. I went into my local pound shop today after work. The first thing that caught my eye was a purple plant. Hmm, I thought, that would would look nice in my window box. This was quickly followed by the fact that I can’t eat it. Food is clearly going to be my biggest obstacle in surviving November so I ignored the now half price Halloween masks and headed straight to the food aisle.

And what a bounty it was. Never has there been in the history of shops a greater selection of tasty sugary processed food. I did a quick scan for anything green (nothing) and then picked up the next best thing. A jar of mandarins in syrup. The nearest thing to a fruit you will find in a pound shop i suspect. Not having the heart to venture further I thought that would make a fine dinner so paid my pound and left.

Now I’m back at my apartment and I CAN’T OPEN THE JAR OF MANDARINS. No really I tried the elastic-band-around-lid trick. I called on the power of Grayskull. It still won’t open. I can now see why an otherwise perfectly good jarred fruit product has found its way to the pound shop shelves. So instead of starving tonight I have decided to forget my own rules and eat the last of the tomatoes from my fridge and hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Total £s spent today: 1 


One Response

  1. Have you tried a rubber glove? This is my mam’s trick & it really works – even the most difficult to open jars pop open when you use a rubber glove!

    Sounds like an interesting challenge – if your local pund shops are anything like mine, you’ll have starved by the end of the first week! Best of luck though, hope you manage ok,


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